Object Constancy, Adult Version

15 Jan

I had written a piece awhile on object permanence in relation to my mental health disorders and symptoms. I think this post does and excellent job of explaining object constancy in regards to people and their consistency and opinion of us.

Thoughts From J8

Object constancy in adults is not something that I can find a whole lot of info about, other than a few books that I don’t have time to read at the moment, which I’m not going to link to at this time.  So I’m just going to write about my experience in hopes that it might shed some light on something for someone reading.

So as usual, I have stumbled across some internal realizations and am once again surprised and dismayed at how out of touch I have come to be, as an adult. From myself, from my experience, from my inner workings. So this information was good to have back.  It helps me understand, and I hope it helps others in some capacity, whether you can relate or whether it just gives you a starting point for re-connection.  In thinking about some relational issues that have arisen lately, the…

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