Year in review 2014 Edition (the quick version)

25 Dec

It’s been one hell of a year. In January I came out to my parents after attending the 20 something’s group for a little over a year. In February I was started on Latuda which caused the voices to cease since I can remember. The year was cloaked in a heavy depression, but I got closer to friends from group. Spring 2014 I ended up in IOP and had to withdraw from my college classes, which placed me on Academic Probation. Most of June was spent in a partial hospitalization program. July I was hospitalized again, this time not at my regular hospital, and the whole ordeal was a waste of time. In September I joined an online dating site, and had sex for the first time in a ling time, and with a girl. October brought another hospitalization in which I finally came out of the depression, and received an intensive case manager. In November I was referred to the year long DBT program by my conservative therapist; I will be starting in January. The end of the year was spent in mostly high spirits and anxiety producing expectations that have been placed on me now that I am “doing better.”

So in conclusion it was a rough year mental health wise, with a lot of changes. I’m getting more comfortable with my sexuality and experiences.


2 Responses to “Year in review 2014 Edition (the quick version)”

  1. randomblog2014 December 26, 2014 at 11:29 AM #

    glad to hear you are feeling better lately!

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