Resource: Anxiety Class

24 Dec

Anxiety reactions

  • Escape
  • Avoidance
  • Hypervigilance (looking for danger)
  • Fearfully fighting anxiety

Features of Amygdala (anxious part of brain)

  • Learns danger quickly, remembers things that were painful or harmful
  • Does not like ambiguity or uncertainty
  • Errs on the side of caution, “Don’t take chances”
  • Thinking bias, narrow and catastrophic

How to activate your left pre-frontal cortex (impulse control)

  • Keep an open mindset, curiosity in the face of stress and uncertainty
  • Widen your focus
  • Step out of your comfort zone, welcome emotional discomfort, invite uncertainty and doubt.

How we respond to anxiety, we misinterpret what is happening

  • Something’s wrong physically or mentally
  • We’re in danger
  • Something bad will happen.

Letting it go

  • Refrain from controlling or fighting the experience, don’t get stuck in fretting or “fixing”
  • Resist the temptation of make it more than it is, give it special significance

Progress comes by your willingness to experience anxiety

Changing fear behavior, opposite action

  • Face fears deliberately and repeatedly on your terms
  • Find or create ways to confront fears
  • Take challenges gradually, from easy to hard, use anxiety rating scale 0-10, moderate intensity rating between 4-6
  • Take risks, choose to against your fear thought
  • Observe to see what really happens

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