Holiday Party Update

14 Dec

So the holiday party went great.  I was surprised but almost every person participated in the white elephant gift exchange.  I got some truffles and a little wooden puzzle thing.  There were 12 of us total.  I have a lot of left over baking stuff but not much left over real food stuff.  As I was preping for the party, I got done like 2 hours early so I was messaging blogger friend and it was nice we hadn’t talked in awhile.  I was sort of flashed-back to high school where I was always the party host, I think it’s a good thing because socially wise high school was the best time period.  There were only a couple moments where I felt awkward or was kinda wondering how things were going.  But I think most people had fun.  The other night I got a message on the online dating site from a cute girl about “hanging out” so I need to reply but looking forward to that.  I feel sort of awkward about this moving out thing because the therapist was already asking me about it and it hasn’t even been 2 months since my last hospitalization.  20 somethings friend is moving and I mentioned moving with him.  I also mentioned it to family friend.  Neither seemed to receptive and I’m not sure I’m ready but if I did I know I’d be transitioning staying part time with my parents and part time wherever I was trying to live.friends therapy

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