Quick update

18 Nov

I was pretty productive today, getting most things on my to do list done, yet still taking a nap.  I mentioned to intensive case manager about the sleepiness and how I plan to talk to my psychiatrist about it on my appt Friday and she said she’d send him a message to give him a heads up.  I think she just really wants something to do and to feel useful.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the therapist in the morning and with my case manager later on in the afternoon.  I guess intensive case manager is asking my providers for my “treatment plan” and as I mentioned in an earlier post my case manager doesn’t have a treatment plan and the therapist’s is DBT.  Friday I see my psychiatrist, it’s a busy week with all the appointments.  I don’t really know how the appointment with the therapist will go, last session was just a re-cap of the hospitalization and I only filled out one DBT worksheet since the last appointment, things have been relatively calm.  My case manager want to ride out the stabilization so who knows what we’ll talk about tomorrow.  It kind of frustrates me because I don’t stay stable for long and I seem to have to push things to get work done.  Friday I’ll just review the meds.

It’s been almost a month since my last hospitalization.  I asked my mom about doing the work and she said that another employee was doing it for me.  I feel sort of guilty as I am getting paid and this month I’m actually able to capable of doing the work.  The meds seem to be helping but gosh they make me sleepy.  I went to the pharmacy today to pick up the Viibryd because it can’t be mail ordered like my other medication.  Now it’s in 20 mg tablets instead of the 10 mg tablets which is nice, I take 40 mg in the morning.

It seems quiet, why am I always thinking about the calm before the storm.

2 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. manyofus1980 December 18, 2014 at 3:38 AM #

    Your doing great. I hope you continue to stay stable. I know how it is to be stable for short periods. XX

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