On a roll

5 Nov

The last couple days have provided some struggles but I worked though them.  Yesterday morning I woke to an unpleasant dream and had to concentrate and purposely try not to let that start off my day wrong.  I did okay though I struggled with boredom and loneliness.  Towards the end of the evening I could feel my mood dropping even more so I texted my sister and we took the dog for a walk.  When I got home 20 something’s friend had text me and I went over there for awhile which helped with the loneliness feelings and I even got a bit of homework done.  I ended up not being able to sleep that night but I resisted from taking a Valium and just tossed and turned for awhile.  When my alarm went off to go to Pride Days events for extra credit assignments I decided to stay home instead.  I didn’t beat myself up for it and that’s surprising.  Today I did some blogging, went to lunch with my mom, read some, and thought about my childhood trying to piece things together or make a general timeline.  Usually days where I do a lot of thinking tend to get me in a downward spiral or just upset, today wasn’t like that.  If things seemed to be getting to much, I’d just change my focus and do something else.  I have class in the am and then 5 days off before going back to school on my birthday.

2 Responses to “On a roll”

  1. manyofus1980 December 7, 2014 at 3:41 PM #

    Sounds like you kept busy when things got overwhelming for you. That’s always a good thing IMO. XX

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