30MIAC Day 13: Round Up and Results

31 Dec

MIA challenge

So here are the round up people who participated in responding to my thirteenth prompt on the 30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. If you participated and I haven’t added your post here, please pingback to the main challenge page with prompts or tag your post 30MIAC.

Day 13: If you know the criteria of your illness(es) which ones do you think you meet? Or what are your most common symptoms?

From Pieces of Me who splits prompt 13 into three posts, part 1 with personality disorders, part 2 with anxiety disorders and eating disorders, and part 3 with Emetophobia.

From All That I Am, All That I Ever Was which includes the answers to prompt 12 & 13.  He talks about the problems of diagnosis and getting treatment, which means that depending on what you are diagnosed with usually depends on the treatment you get.

From Remember to Breathe which includes specific obsessions and compulsions that she has.

And my answers which includes each of my diagnoses their criteria and the criteria I meet in red and bolded font.

From Second Chances which gives a quick review of depression and anxiety disorders.

From Fashion Anxious who combined posts 13 and 14, she talks about some symptoms she experiences such as: impatience, feeling on edge, and feelings of dread

From Battling the Demons Within which contains the diagnoses of different mental illnesses with criteria that applies to her in italics.

From That’s Crazy who creatively calls her post “On a Scale of One to Crazy” she talks about how with some of her diagnosis she feels she meets the cookie cutter stereotypes and others are a more unorthodox shape.  I like how she refers to shapes.

From Pride in Madness who talks about the DSM criteria of Borderline Personality Disorder and puts in pink the symptoms she relates to, she also mentions the severity depends on context and that anger would be her biggest issue.

From Voices of Glass who shows a symptoms map he has made in response to day seven of the mental illness challenge, most those symptoms relate to his main diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder

**Thanks to all who participated and continue to spread the word**

Also mylovelyborderlinepersonalitydisorder who has Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder and answered prompts 9-14 in a comprehensive post.

Also A Life of Madness who answered prompts 10-21 in a comprehensive post, she includes photos and has bipolar disorder.

Also Surviving by Living who has depression and conversion disorder and answered prompt 12-14 in a comprehensive post.

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