30MIAC Day 6: Round Up/Results

12 Oct

MIA challenge

So here are the round up people who participated in responding to my sixth prompt on the 30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. If you participated and I haven’t added your post here, please pingback to the main challenge page with prompts or tag your post 30MIAC.

Day 6: Do you have a family history of mental illness or mental health issues?

From Pieces of Me which includes a family history on both side.

From All That I Am, All That I Ever Was which includes information on his sister and biological family as well as his ‘other family’ of fellow bloggers and people who attend his support groups.

From Remember to Breathe which includes her being a 4th generation OCD and other family members struggles as well.

From Battling the Demons Within which includes that she doesn’t have much contact with family but knows there was some degree of family history.

From Pride in Madness which includes the fact that mental illness runs in the females on both sides of the family, she also includes a question many people ask females “Am I worried I’ll pass a mental health issue onto my children?”

And my answers which includes a family history on both sides which include a lot of substance abuse, and that’s just what I know of.

From Second Chances which includes looking back at her family and noticing characteristics of mental illness, she was however the first to be diagnosed in her family.

From A Life of Madness who mentions that she was adopted and has no info about her biological family, but makes a comment about how doctors constantly ask the question about a family history of mental illness.

From That’s Crazy who sees mental illness running through her family tree.

From Crazy Gurl who says she doesn’t know if there is a history of mental illness in her family because they do not talk about her dad’s side of the family.

From Fashion Anxious who struggles with anxiety and has no family history of mental illness.

From Dangerously Tenacious who speaks of her fear that other family members mental illness may be due to them being abused as she was.

From Lost on a Street called Ethel who says there is no family history of mental illness that she’s aware of.

**Thanks to all who participated and continue to spread the word**

Also mylovelyborderlinepersonalitydisorder who has Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder and answered prompts 1-8 in a comprehensive post.

Also Surviving by Living who has depression and seizures and groups her prompts 4-7 in a comprehensive post.

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