30MIAC: Day 2 Results

6 Oct

MIA challenge

So here are the round up people who participated in responding to my second prompt on the 30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. If you participated and I haven’t added your post here, please pingback to the main challenge page with prompts or tag your post 30MIAC.

Day 2: How do you feel about your diagnosis?

From All That I Am, All That I Ever Was which includes feeling changing over time, especially current feelings relating to labels.

From Remember to Breathe which includes relief to

“understand that the way I feel has a name and is a real thing”

And my answers which include that I feel my diagnosis is accurate and the mixed feelings of it considering it

“a double edged sword.”

From Battling the Demons Within which includes stigma and being overwhelmed with multiple diagnoses.

From OCD is Real which includes the love/hate relationship of OCD with knowing it’s a lifetime thing and also not being alone it, angry feelings toward depression, uncertainty with the PTSD diagnosis and the feeling that anxiety disorder makes sense and feeds into the OCD.

From Pride in Madness which includes that she agrees with her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and

“Can think of no other diagnosis I would be suitable for.”

From A Life of Madness who is participating in the challenge in a creative way by posting pictures, she talks about sometimes wearing her diagnosis as a badge of honor but other times being terrified or other reactions.

From Bluh Bluh Psychosis which includes their opinion on the separate diagnoses mentioning that after being on medication for so long for depression isn’t even sure if they fit the criteria.

From Second Chances which includes trying to process the concept of having mental illness diagnoses and ends with

“So the short answer to today’s question is; I feel relieved; I feel saved; I feel affirmed; and I have hope.”

From Crazy Gurl who talks about being scared and upset when first diagnosed with bipolar but is now annoyed by it and wishes it would go away.

From That’s Crazy who talks about being relieved but also terrified and the mixed feelings that often come with mental illness.

From The Truth Behind The Tears who talks about her discomfort with the Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis and while feeling like depression and anxiety have robbed her from many situations she is more comfortable telling people she has these illnesses.


From Dangerously Tenacious who starts out with

“Part of me really wants to scream here “How the hell do you think I feel about it?! Do you think I did a happy dance and threw a party?”

but then goes on to mention mixed feelings, being overwhelmed, and validated.

From Lost on a street called Ethel, Sue talks about having an illness-based identity with her Schizophrenia and not knowing what it would be like to live without it.

From Voices of Glass where Kevin talks about mixed feeling with his diagnosis.  He Perfectly sums it up with this statement:

“There can be a conflict there can’t there?  A conflict between a ‘need to know’ and a desire to ‘not be known by’ or ‘limited by’ such a label or labels.”

From May cause irritation who talks about being “Relieved” even going as far to say:

“On that day I wanted the label. I longed to have the GP take out an ancient, grey office stamp and ink a big red “DEPRESSED” on my file. I wanted my emotional fragility validated. I wanted permission to give in to it. No, not to give in…to accept the truth. To own my reality. To admit I needed help. To stop being strong.”

From Please Hire Me, my cat’s are hungry who says she is pretty accustomed to the diagnosis since she has been diagnosed since age 15.

From Life and Times of the Soulless Princess who states:

And honestly, since I know what is wrong, I can take more effective steps towards fixing it”

**Thanks to all who participated and continue to spread the word**

Also mylovelyborderlinepersonalitydisorder who has Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder and answered prompts 1-8 in a comprehensive post

From Surviving by Living who groups her answers in posts that answer about 3 questions each.  The link to the responses to questions one through three are here.  Ameera talks about relief after learning of the Conversion Disorder diagnosis and feeling lucky to be able to label/name her diagnosis so she can better explain them to others.


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