A different view of Suicide

17 Jan

I came across this blog and found intriguing parts of it.  It’s really much better if you read the entire things but I’ll shorten it up a little with quotes from it I found particularly inspiring or interesting.  Link to entire blog at bottom.

…I was asked what the Buddhist view on suicide was. It’s kind of like what I said in my book Sex Sin and Zen about the Buddhist view on abortion. I don’t really know. But the fact that I don’t really know says a lot about the Buddhist view. Imagine a person who had studied and practiced Catholicism for nearly thirty years, for example, not knowing what the church’s position on suicide or abortion was. It just wouldn’t happen because these are very hot issues for Catholics. That I don’t have a ready answer to the question tells you that these are not hot issues for Buddhists in the Zen tradition. I can’t recall a single instance of Dogen mentioning suicide in any of his many writings.

Suicide is generally frowned upon by Buddhists as something to be avoided because it is thought to be an act that tends to lead to a less auspicious rebirth. I believe it is counted among the “actions that are difficult to overcome” in one of Buddha’s recorded talks….This is because committing suicide causes so much pain and suffering to those who know and love the person who chooses to take their own life.

I take all that stuff about rebirth with a big grain of salt, myself. Even if we really do get reborn after we die, how can anyone can say what sort of next life a person is likely to have knowing only the fact that the person killed himself? There’s a lot more to any individual’s life than just how it ends. For those that believe in rebirth, the entirety of the person’s life determines how he or she will be reborn, not just the last thing the person did.

Then there is a section where he nearly commits suicide, to quickly summarize…

That day changed me forever. I decided to live. But I also decided I was no longer bound to anything that came before that day. I decided that conceptually I had already killed myself. Now I could do anything, absolutely anything at all.

If you’re contemplating suicide, my advise is go ahead and kill yourself. But don’t do it with a rope or a gun or a knife or a handful of pills. Don’t do it by destroying your body. Do it by cutting off your former life and going in a completely new direction. I know that’s not easy. I know it might even seem impossible. If you’d have asked me before that Spring day in 1992 I would have told you it was absolutely impossible for me to do any of the things I’ve done since that day. At first it seemed like I was right, that it was futile to even try to get out of the morass I was in. It took more than a year of very hard effort before things started to change even a little bit. But when they did, they really changed.

Complete blog: The Buddhist view on Suicide

7 Responses to “A different view of Suicide”

  1. simplybluey January 17, 2013 at 2:59 PM #

    Interesting views..off to read the post. Thank you for calling it to my attention.

    • mm172001 January 17, 2013 at 3:22 PM #

      Glad you thought it was interesting too, I’m always looking for different views and perspectives and liked this one especially 🙂

  2. depressedinbmore January 17, 2013 at 9:26 PM #

    Interesting, it’s nice to see how other religions view the concept. Also how the author used his experience as a start point to rebuild.

    • mm172001 January 17, 2013 at 9:51 PM #

      What I really got most out of it was how he talked about starting new as the old him was dying. It was very clear.

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